Enabling The EV Paradigm Shift

Discover Ampicity EV Charging Solutions

2030 is coming Fast

Enabling The EV Paradigm Shift

2030 is Coming Fast

Discover Ampicity EV Charging Solutions

Range Anxiety

Ampicity is the EV charging company of the future. 

Our charging solutions are able to mitigate many of the problems and hurdles inherent with traditional grid charging solutions.​

 Along with our partners we will overcome the challenges associated with “Range Anxiety” and become an integral part of the EV paradigm shift.  

And we plan on doing so with style. Our solutions will not only be effective, but also elegant. 

As the technology grows, so shall we.

This is the only logically way to 2030.

Remove critical barrier to entry. “Range Anxiety

Why e500?

The e500 can be placed in choice locations.
Our chargers are pleasing on the eye.
Customer Experience
Safety and ease of use are our top priorities.
Our product is ready to use when its delivered.
Charging EVs needs to be simple – and we bring simplicity.